Saturday, April 9, 2011

Lizzy the Goatie Girl

For the past two weeks I have been part-time momma to a baby pygmy goat that belongs to my bosses. She was one of three, and the other two babies and mom died during birth. So she comes to work everyday with Brad and his partner Jay, and I get to be momma during the day while Jay is out on appointments. Every day Jay apologizes for leaving her with me, like it's some kind of hardship to have this little miss in my room. Bottle feeding her has been hilarious, and the only time it's a hardship is when she has gas. Oh my, it's hard to believe something so stinky can come from something so cute & tiny. The best part of the day is the last few minutes before five when Jay lets her out of jail and she runs free up and down the hallway. I decided that it's not fair for one person to hoard all the cuteness, so on Friday I videotaped her antics.

Here is Lizzy's (and my) first movie. You can tell it's MY first because nearly the whole thing is sideways. Also, I apologize for the heavy breathing. Lizzy, on the other hand, was born to be a movie star.

me & the goatie

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Cheryl said...

Hi Fiwa,

It's great to see you back! Lizzie is adorable. I had no idea her mom and siblings died. So sad. What a cute video. I've heard of taking pets to work, but never a goat. Wouldn't it be great if she stayed so little?

You need to take a video with Brad. I'd love to 'see' the two of you.

fiwa said...

Hey lady! Brad is as camera shy as I am. I know what you mean about the goat, I was just saying on facebook that I don't think they're as cute when they're grown, but she is adorable right now.

nikkipolani said...

Oh my goodness is she cute! I love the way she kind of hops sideways.

KathyA said...

She's darling!!! Is that Jay picking her up?

Golden To Silver Val said...

OMG, she's so danged CUTE! I wonder if they can be a housepet? LOL She is absolutely adorable. More pics please! Have a great weekend!!

meno said...

That is so cute! Thank you for the smile. You work with Brad? That must be fun. I didn't know that.

ain't for city gals said...

omgosh..I didn't believe it...saw you posted on golden to silver val...welcome back!

fiwa said...

Um, Kathy... No! Shhhh!

Val, by the time they're full grown I'm pretty sure they poo too much to be house pets. They get to be the size of a medium size dog, and let me tell you, their poo stinks.

Meno, I do work for Brad. I got laid off from my meeting planner job and was out of work for a year and six months, and then a job with Brad fell in my lap. I love working with him.

Ain't for city gals - thank you! :)

Sis said...

ADORABLE! Love how she wanted to head butt you LOL!

Sis said...

I could have sworn I commented on this, about how cute that goat is with her head butting self.

Love the video, Fiwa!