Monday, June 27, 2011

Where I am from

I am from skating rinks and disco balls, from Pac-Man and spreading oak trees and wide, green lawns.

I am from a house with a big, homey kitchen, echoing with the babble of a big family, from creek houses with rooms crammed full of beds and people, from porches with screens and early morning’s quiet sunrise over the water.

I am from the banana trees and Indian Paint Brushes and Black Eyed Susans growing wild in the field.

I am from Sunday dinners and short tempers, from Sanna and George and Creppon’s and Boillin’s. I am from a tendency to hold grudges, depression baby frugality, and the willingness to give the shirt off your back to help a stranger.

I am from mind your manners and act like a lady, from clean your plate because there are starving children in Ethiapoia, from stand up straight, you’re ruining your posture, from try a little harder to be friendly and everyone will like you, and also from flashing porch lights.

I am from strict Catholic parents, from church every Sunday, first communion, first confession and confirmation. I am from ashes smeared on foreheads, dried palm fronds and candle blessings.

I am from Texas, from southern accents, from piney woods, muddy creeks and warm beaches and sand.

I am from Friendswood, from England, Ireland, Germany and Spain, from fried chicken, gumbo and corn on the cob.

I am from a mother who loves to play games and tell stories, from a father who survived losing his own father as a child, from grandparents I never met but still knew, from aunts and uncles and cousins innumerable, from cut-throat games of cards, from Friday night bingo, from salty popcorn and ice cold snow cones at Camp Manison, from cake walks and white elephant booths and books and books and books.

I am from photos that could not be contained in a single album, from pictures on walls and spilling from drawers, of a family too large and complex to contain.

*I got this from Avitable, and if you would like to create your own you can use a template of prompts found here.